July 19, 2016

About Us

Pacific Traders Coffee Roasting Company, located in Yakima, has been roasting Premium Coffees since 1994. We use only the highest quality Arabica beans from around the world.

We are a small family owned and operated micro-roaster. Our coffees are carefully roasted to their individual flavor peak in order to bring out their inherent characteristics. We do not over roast our coffees because this produces a somewhat bitter flavor that some Northwest coffees possess. We want our customers to experience the smooth, clean flavor of freshly roasted coffee which leaves no after taste.

We roast in small batches and immediately package our coffee in one-way valve foil bags, which locks in flavor and provides protection against the oxidizing effects of air and light. Coffee lovers everywhere have learned that coffee sitting in grocery store bins or even in bags that are purported to be Gourmet can be stale and old. Buying whole beans does not ensure freshness and quality. We however, do guarantee Pacific Traders Coffee’s freshness and quality.